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  • The PWTT threshold can be set according to the patient situation and hospital area. Higher sensitivity detects smaller changes and triggers more frequent NIBP measurements. Lower sensitivity detects only larger changes and triggers less frequent NIBP measurements.
  • In the OR, use a smaller threshold to trigger more frequent NIBP measurement. In an ICU, CCU or ward, excessive NIBP measurements are a burden on the patient, so the PWTT threshold can be increased.

Case Studies

These examples show some clinical applications of PWTT, as well as the typical correlation of PWTT with blood pressure.

The data is from actual cases. IBP, PWTT and periodic NIBP were actually measured but the PWTT triggered NIBP is a simulation based on the actual measured data.


In this case, bleeding started shortly before a periodic NIBP measurement. The resulting BP drop was not detected by the periodic NIBP measurement, but PWTT immediately detected the BP change. Ephedrin was given to increase the BP.

OR example graph


In this case, the BP of a conscious patient in the ICU was high and unstable. A sedative was administered and the BP dropped then became stable. 30 minute periodic NIBP measurement could not detect these BP changes but PWTT was able to detect it.

ICU example graph