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Principle of Synthesized Waveforms

Instantaneous cardioelectric vectors are continuously measured from the standard 12-lead ECG data and ECG of the right leads (V3R, V4R, V5R) and back leads (V7, V8, V9) is synthesized from this data.
Principle of synthesized waveforms

The following example shows actually measured waveforms and synthesized waveforms. Other data also has good correlation with actually measured ECG. This suggests that we can obtain useful information which corresponds to the condition of the heart.
Actually measured waveforms and synthesized waveforms

  • This method looks for intracardiac vectors which are based on the standard 12-lead ECG data and derives the waveforms for each area.
    Accurate electrode positions are necessary to obtain accurate synthesized lead waveforms.
  • The synthesized waveforms are derived from calculations and may vary from the actual waveforms. (More detailed information is available.)

Recording Example
Synthesized Waveforms Analysis Result
Synthesized waveforms analysis result

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