Neuropack S3 MEB-9600 New

2 or 4 channel EMG/EP Measuring System

We understand all your needs for routine clinical EMG/EP testing.


With decades of professional experience in EMG and EP, Nihon Kohden’s goal is to deliver you a smarter platform to help you complete your daily routine more smoothly, more flexibly, and more efficiently.

A better panel, a smoother workflow

The main unit with a new design allows you to get your job done in a much smoother way.

A better junction box, a better outcome

4ch/2ch electrode junction box supports impedance test, signal input on/off, selectable electrode connection (DIN terminal or collective socket), and thermistor probe (409J) connection.

A better stimulator, more flexibility

The angle-adjustable electrical stimulator gives more flexibility to the testing such as nerve conduction study.

Stress-free testing


The breakthrough mathematical signal processing technology iSAF (intelligent stimulus artifact filter, available in NCS2 program) provides an excellent solution if you always suffer electrical stimulus artifact, allowing stress-free testing.

Quick Check


The easy-to-understand NCS examination guide helps you to perform NCS step by step without any hesitation.

Advanced EMG program


What you can expect from our newly improved EMG program are, Compression waveform display, Color-classified MUPs, More accurate MUP detection algorithm, Improved MUP analysis window, Firing pattern analysis, Selected waveform range re-analysis, etc.


With the improved NeuroNavi., you can view the pages and get started without moving away from the examination window.

Optional Software