BSM-1700 series

Smart transport with a 5.7-inch touchscreen



Superior Transportability

  • Compact and lightweight


  • One action to go
    To transport the patient, just remove the Life Scope PT monitor from the cradle with one action. Life Scope PT is easy to carry and you can hook it onto a bedrail without needing a bed rail adapter


  • Long time battery operation
    5 hour* battery operation lets you transport patients even to a distant facility.
    *: Depends on circumstances
  • Wireless data transfer
    You can attach a transmitter to Life Scope PT to send patient data and waveforms to a central monitor.
  • Robust
    Life Scope PT meets the severe durability standards of MILSTD-810F 516.5 Shock Procedure IV Transit Drop and IP32.

Superior Visibility

  • Large, easy to see screen
    The 5.7-inch touchscreen clearly displays all parameters.

Standard mode
All parameters includes

Transport mode
Large characters with
two waveforms







  • Comprehensive review data
    Life Scope PT can also show comprehensive review data including full disclosure that are typically found only in a central monitor. Life Scope PT saves 24 hours of trend data and alarm history as well as 24 hours of 5 full disclosure waveforms during transport.

Full disclosure
Full disclosure

12-lead ECG analysis



Superior Flexibility

  • Flexible parameters with MULTI connectors
    3 MULTI connectors allow monitoring of advanced parameters such as BIS, IBP, CO, SpO2-2 and CO2in addition to the basic parameters of ECG/Resp, SpO2, dual temperature and NIBP.


  • Flexible usage
    Life scope PT can be used as a standalone bedside monitor or as an input unit for a BSM- 6000 series bedside monitor.





After connecting the Life Scope PT transport monitor to another bedside monitor in the network, the data in the Life Scope PT is automatically transferred to the bedside monitor and central monitor. All patient information, including trend and waveforms, is automatically transferred to create one seamless patient record. 
Nihon Kohden's networking technology enables seamless monitoring across different central monitors. You can see continuous past data even from a different central monitor at a different site.