Life Scope TR BSM-6000 series


Smart Cable™ technology

  • A cost effective solution to modular monitoring

    Smart Cable technology miniaturizes circuits found in traditional modules and embeds that circuitry into the cable. With Smart Cable technology, you get complete modular flexibility at a significantly reduced cost and without the inconvenience associated with traditional modular systems.

    Smart cable

    Smart Cable technology is available for blood pressure, cardiac output, ETCO2, FiO2, temperature, thermistor respiration monitoring, and Nihon Kohden has just released a Smart Cable for BIS. As new parameters are developed, Nihon Kohden will continue to develop additional Smart Cable modules, guaranteeing your monitoring investment against obsolescence.

    The basic parameters (3, 6 and 10-lead ECG, respiration, SpO2, NIBP, and dual temperature) use dedicated cables and connectors.


Detachable input unit

  • The input section of the monitor can be detached and plugged into a different Life Scope TR bedside monitor. This reduces time plugging and unplugging cables. There are two types of standard input units and extension units (Smart Units). With an optional Smart Unit, the monitor can have up to 7 MULTI connectors for a Smart Cable.
    Standard input units Smart input units





  • Input units with a Masimo or Nellcor SpO2 connector are available.
    for Masimo

    for Nellcor


  • MULTI connectors
    • When you plug a different transducer, such as IBP, temperature, CO, CO2, FiO2 or BIS into a MULTI connector, it automatically detects the type of parameter and starts measuring. No extra setup or different modules when changing the parameter. This feature provides cost savings as well as more efficient monitoring. With an optional Smart Unit, the monitor can have up to 7 MULTI connectors.
  • 15, 12 or 10-inch high resolution, wide-viewing TFT color LCD display
  • Displays up to 15 traces
  • Longer battery operating time
    • Two battery slots allow two batteries for double the operation time. Each battery provides 60 minutes (BSM-6301/6501) or 45 minutes (BSM-6701) operating time.
  • Secondary display capability
  • Flexible control of the monitor by touch screen, remote controller, and mouse
  • Powerful review
    • Large data storage capacity and detailed review of waveforms, alarm history, arrhythmia and ST files, and trend data
  • 12-lead ECG analysis
  • Gas measurement with AG-920R Multigas Unit
  • Networking
    • A built-in LAN port allows Ethernet networking with an LS-NET patient monitoring network. Waveforms and numerical data can be sent to the central monitor.
  • Interbed capability
    • A networked Life Scope TR can display numerical data and 2 waveforms for up to 16 patients, even if there is no central monitor in the network.
  • Revolutionary PWTT technology
    • This monitor incorporates a new parameter, PWTT (pulse wave transit time), which can have correlation with blood pressure. The monitor continuously calculates PWTT from ECG and SpO2. During periodic NIBP measurement, if PWTT exceeds the threshold it triggers NIBP measurement. This increases the chance to detect sudden change in blood pressure between periodic NIBP measurements.
  • The blood pressure measuring technology in this monitor uses Nihon Kohden's patented PWTT technology (US patent no. 5564427, other patents pending).