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Mobile solution by wearable vital sign telemeter



Life Scope G3 is a wearable vital sign telemeter which monitors ECG, respiration and SpO2 to support various phases of ambulatory patient care such as rehabilitation or transportation.

You can confirm the patient's vital signs and waveforms on the Life Scope G3 display. Even if the patient is outside the telemetry network area, the Life Scope G3 alarm gives notice of sudden change in patient condition.
Nurse call
The patient can notify the caregiver with the nurse call key.
Quick intervention
A 3.2-inch wide screen shows waveforms and helps when quick action is needed.
Enhanced cardiology care
Life Scope G3 detects arrhythmias. It also has an arrhythmia recall screen. This reduces the chance of missing a change in the patient’s cardiac status.
Review at the patient's side
You can review full disclosure waves, vital sign trend and a wide range of data at the patient’s side without going to the central station.


Life Scope G3 lets you confirm alarm and review data intuitively at patient side to help streamline your workflow.

Advanced alarm management
Life Scope G3 has two alarm modes. When directly monitoring the patient, monitor mode sounds alarms at both the central monitor and the Life Scope G3. To create a quiet bedside environment for the patient, telemetry mode silences alarms at the patient side and alarms only sound at the central monitor.
An alarm indicator shows the patient’s alarm status with three different colors.
Long battery operation time
With just two AA batteries, the Life Scope G3 can continuously monitor ECG, SpO2 and respiration for at least 24 hours in telemetry mode. To save battery power, the display turns off after a specified period of inactivity.

Intuitive operation
Intuitive touch panel operation, such as swiping of numeric values to show details or swiping to scroll waveforms, makes the Life Scope G3 very easy to use. You have fast access to important information.



Robust network configuration, data backup, and water resistant construction ensure valuable patient data.

Robust network configuration
Life Scope G3 uses IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n protocols for robust and faster communication.
Data backup
The communication status icon shows the radio field strength. Even if the patient goes outside the telemetry area, you can check the vital sign data stored in Life Scope G3.


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