CPR-1100 New

Improving quality of resuscitation


The latest international resuscitation guideline emphasize on chest compressions. The rescuer should continue CPR until an AED arrives and is ready for use.
Chest compression feedback during CPR may be reasonable and useful for improving compression rate, depth, release, and hand position.
In addition that, it is expected to be effective in improving CPR performance during training. Computer-based instruction with hands-on practice may be a reasonable alternative to instructor-led courses.

See and Hear the Quality of CPR

CPR assist shows the depth and tempo of chest compressions by LED and audio. This real-time feedback helps you adjust your compressions to perform higher quality CPR. It also supports easier CPR training.

Orange: tempo indicator
Blue: good chest compression

Evaluate the Quality of CPR

CPR assist can communicate with a PC by Bluetooth connection.
For training, the real-time CPR waveform and measurement value can be shown on a PC with QP-110V viewer software for PC (included with CPR assist). This software scores the quality of CPR to assist in making helpful evaluations for the user’s future CPR.
Rescue data is stored in the CPR assist during CPR and the rescue data can be reviewed on a PC with optional QP-551VK defibrillation report viewer software.

CPR training report, QP-110V
Defibrillation report, QP-551VK

Manage the Quality of CPR

CPR assist can also communicate with a Nihon Kohden defibrillator by Bluetooth connection.
The real-time CPR waveform and measurement values can be shown with other parameters such as ECG, SpO2, CO2 and NIBP on the defibrillator screen.
All necessary information for rescue can be confirmed on one screen by using the CPR assist with a Nihon Kohden defibrillator.


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Dimensions 71(W) x 32 (H) x 126 (D) mm
Weight 166g (not including battery)
Battery operation time 5 hours continuous use
Communication method Bluetooth standard Ver 2.1 + EDR
Standard accessory QP-110V CPR assist viewer software
Measurement items Depth, tempo, tilt and sinnking of patient's back

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