NICU Electrode

  • Case 1
    Under humid environment, which NICU electrodes are suitable?

    In a humid incubator, most NICU electrodes are easy to peel. Or the adhesive gel easily swells. However strong adhesive gel can causeĀ skin irritation. Nihon Kohden electrodes are designed so that they are suitable for NICU humid incubator.

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  • Case 2
    Is CO2 monitoring in an incubator limited to a transcutaneous Gas-Monitoring?

    An incubator in NICU has a lot of moisture and fogging, it is difficult to monitoring CO2 through a sampling tube for carbon dioxide.
    Therefore transcutaneous Gas-Monitoring has been used in an incubator.
    However that has also other risk of burn injury including cutaneous vesicles.

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  • Case 1
    Where is the Optimum Measurement Site of SpO2 for PICU/NICU Patients?

    Our brochures and operation manuals indicate body weight of the patient as a yardstick when selecting a SpO2 probe. We also state that an ideal thickness of measurement site is 6 to 18 mm in Case 2. Nonetheless, there are cases that it is difficult to stably measure an accurate SpO2 value especially for neonates and infants.

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