Case10 For Better SpO2 Monitoring - Response

The SpO2 value is often affected by the patient’s condition, artifacts created by external devices or by inappropriate attachment of probes, while monitoring continuously.
Nihon Kohden’s monitor has several features for better SpO2 measurement. Let us introduce one of the features here: Response.
For other three features, please see in each page. Signal Quality IndexPulse-amplitude Index, and Sensitivity Mode.

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Response: Fast, Normal, Slow

This is a feature of setting the response times of the SpO2 value. We have Normal, Slow and Fast mode.
Normal: Standard response time
Slow: Slower response. This is useful when you want to control transient fluctuation in SpO2 value.
Fast: Faster response. This can be used at the occasion that requires extremely fast response.

When measurement condition is unstable such as due to strenuous movement of the patient, response may become slower in all modes.

Feature of setting the response times of the SpO2 value